Manuel Barrera, PhD (retired)

Me in the Time of Pandemic
Phone: ? Get real.

Hi, This is me. Now.

A chronicler of the pandemic. Its victim and its point of resistance. In earlier times, I was a radical political activist and then a teacher of English, drama, advanced placement physics, journalism, biology, special educator and bilingual educator.

I have retired as a university professor of urban and multicultural education.

But most of all, I am a lover/citizen of the world. A Chicano by existence, an internationalist by insistence.

I am unmanicured, which is to say, I choose to reveal the truth as it comes to me with all my omissions, all my mistakes, all my insights everything I think I’ve learned and what it is I learn along the way.

I’ll be as honest as I can see I am, but don’t pretend that my thoughts are complete. I’ll try to be impeccable with my word, try not to make assumptions, not to take anything personally, and, above all, I will do my best . . . Including not to promise I have done it well.
I hope you read and find some help within.

My New Profession


Novelist In Preparation


Student of history, paleontology, archeology, and the Pre-Columbian World

My Past University Life (If you want specifics, ask)

University Professor
1997 to 2019

Boise State University, University of Minnesota–Duluth, Metropolitan State University

Educational Researcher
1993 to 2019
Special education scholar

Department Chair, Executive Director, and College Dean

2002 to 2007
It wasn’t fun, but I did it.