Coda DS al Principium

Returning to Boca Chica was much like returning to a portal. In important ways, it represents a return to a beginning, like a coda in music repeating an important part of a song. Except in this case being a return to a journey taken only in my dreams and now in waking. I needed to return. I needed to honor loosing the fear, embracing entry into a space that isn’t solid ground. Riding the surf to a more distant part of the shore needing me to swim into the currents. In doing so, I might have the chance to find a place to build a vessel that I can use to sail and then navigate to the places and times I will meet upon this new and open sea. . . . Yes, words and analogies by necessity are mixed here. There is no true template for this kind of journey. Not if it is to be more than just another trip into the familiar without the benefit of different sight and different thinking; that can turn sight into insight. . .

It’s a tall order and as I’ve mentioned before, perhaps I’m not up to the task. But it doesn’t matter if I ultimately am not. I will only fail if I just return to the present without having taken the journey.

Namaste To the World

I have to honor the chance I have that others simply do not have the chance to take. It’s best for a wild heart to take on the wilderness with reckless abandon, but to do so honoring the souls in others, a namaste to the world and to those in it that, in each their own way, have wished me Godspeed with their gift in letting me to know them.

I returned to my birth canal portal today to start a new tradition, to use the tools I’ve gained in the past years, yoga and the playing of my didgeridoo, to honor and appreciate the change in me that this portal now represents; the willing dive into uncertainty for the sake of greater access to the Truth.

I was wondering why I brought my didgeridoo with me when I left. I guess I found out.

At the portal where I cross into a new beginning, I salute the sun and play the sound that speaks from my soul. . . .

Yes, it’s a bit of a strange and new practice. And those who’ve said notwithstanding, I don’t think myself a shaman or any great spiritual being. It just seems fitting that I should have come back today to Boca Chica beach leaving it not behind but drawing energy, honoring the beginning to a new journey.

Borders at the Point of Pain and Hope

In coming days, other kinds of exploration will come to the fore. Although I’m sure I’ll have more to share about the inevitable new personal insights I know will come.

The portal at Boca Chica sits not far from a border between very different worlds. A border that has marked me deeply. That border is itself a portal to great challenges. Witness why so many wish to block the energy, and people, between our worlds.

I believe all of us in this world must somehow create our own more connected re-beginning. One with the commitment to human solidarity that this threatened world so desperately needs.

This journey also begins at a time marked by the juxtaposition between a time of hope for peace and wellness alongside the very painful reality of yet more chaos and disease we will suffer in the coming months. It is at once a terrible and a hopeful time to begin.

Perhaps that is the point; the needed ingredients for an odyssey. I hope so.

The portal to the world is bordered by harsh gates built in hate. But the promise lies in that the gates exist and thus can become a place to cross over, a place to let hearts find each other.

If we but let them enter one into the other.

Tomorrow (Today), Christmas, is likely to bring great feelings of love, hope for peace. And also bring great pain. Perhaps they are unable to exist without each other?

I hope the great feelings you find come to you in great measure and the pain only comes in passing; leaving only fading memories.

The soul in me honors the souls in you.

One thought on “Coda DS al Principium

  1. Wow! Just reading what you have written creates powerful, blissful vibration in my being. Thank you.

    I have to disagree about the great spiritual being comment. You actually are. I see you for who you are. I love the didgeridoo! It vibrates powerfully and is an amazing tool for healing. I am happy you heard it call to you, “Take Me.”

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